Eric has successfully treated over-active bladder, restless leg syndrome, tendonitis, and various minor ailments. I look forward to my appointments with Eric. He is compassionate, very caring and committed to creating a customized treatment plan that will restore you to health.

I suffered from chronic neck pain due to repeated whip-lash for almost 30 years. At times, it was debilitating. I tried to avoid drugs and therefore spent many of those years under chiropractic care. I would get temporary relief, sometimes a week or two, but never lasting relief. I never thought I would live pain-free.  Even after the first visit, I had immediate relief! I felt totally comfortable with Eric and his committed and caring approach. Through regular acupuncture and herbs, I am now pain-free 99% of the time.

Elise Traveler's Rest, SC

After my miscarriage, I started suffering from  strange symptoms.  I could not tolerate heat, and blood was pooling in my hands and legs, causing a painful, throbbing sensation. I went to different physicians and specialists, but they were not able to diagnose the condition. I found Eric who worked on the issue for several months and now I am symptom-free. Even though what was going on was unusual, Eric understood it and knew exactly how to approach it. Gradually, I started feeling better physically and emotionally. Now I know where to go when there is a health problem!

Thank you Eric.

W.K. Greenville, SC

I have suffered from endometriosis since my teens, causing my periods to be unbearable.  I had surgery and felt resigned to suffer through intense cramps and heavy periods as my 'normal'.  In the first couple of months of treatment, my cramps became virtually non-existent in the first couple months of treatment.  I cannot recommend Eric enough and am so grateful I tried acupuncture.

Michelle L. Greenville, SC

I wanted to communicate with you and all of your potential clients on the treatment I received that resulted in a complete withdrawal of all of my shingles symptoms.  I am a 54 year old healthy female who had symptoms a few days before Christmas.  I contacted Eric Aufdencamp within three days of my diagnosis and had my first treatment within 48 hours.   I consulted Eric and had three sessions over a period of five days.  After the third treatment my symptoms reduced in severity and within three more days had fully disappeared.  I left for vacation two days later without nerve pain or the need for pain medications.  I am very pleased with the results.

Happy Patient Hartwell, GA

Eric is a sincere and caring person who uses his knowledge and expertise to take pain away and make my life better.  After breaking my neck in a freak accident the surgeon told me I would not walk without a walker for a year.  Thanks to Eric and acupuncture I was walking without a walker in 3 months.  I am a true believer that acupuncture and herbal medicine along with Eric's great skill has improved my life and health.

J. Thomas Greenville, SC